Mum’s Lounge Review & Giveaway

Mums Lounge recently featured a review of our little planner. We are so excited we thought we would share it here.  Thanks so much Mums Lounge!

Guest Post by Jolene Humphry 

I make no secret of the fact that I am organisationally-challenged.  Severely challenged at that!

When I was single it was a mild inconvenience.

When I met Hubbster and got married and bought a house, it wasn’t ideal, but it was…y’know, manageable.

But with three small children, school, kinder and daycare activities, extra curricular activities, and social events to remember, things can be nothing short of chaotic.

So when I was presented with the opportunity to review a Paper Tree Design weekly planner, I grabbed that A3 sized magnetic sanity-saver with two hands and planted it firmly on my fridge door, and I haven’t looked back.

papertree design planner 2

Not only does it help me to stay in control of the family activities, but I no longer have to remind Hubbster about what is planned for the week.  (Love that!) Also as my children grow (and learn to read and write) it will allow them to contribute to their own week and track what is expected of them in the week ahead.

The date-free, wipeable whiteboard design means that it is reusable year-in, year-out and perfect to purchase at any time of the year.

As you can see, it features enough space to keep track of activities and appointments for six people the way I have utilized it here.

But the multi-feature design also means that it could be used as a weekly or daily planner, chore chart, reward chart, menu planner…or even, in my case, a blog planner.

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I also find the tracking area on the right-hand side particularly useful for shopping list reminders, ‘to-do’ lists and other random thoughts that strike me through the week that I don’t want to forget.

Another bonus of this product, for me,  is the fact that it is Australian made and owned by Melbourne mum Deb Kapsiotis, who takes careful steps to ensure that the business if environmentally and socially responsible.  Paper Tree Designs utilizes recyclable materials and donates $1 from every sale to World Vision.

Available in 3 colours:

Apple Green

Duck Egg Blue

Soft Rose

RRP $24.99


About Jolene Humphry

Jolene says… I am a stay-home mum of three wonderful, beautiful (and often exhausting) children, who fill my days and life with sunshine, laughter, nappies and the occasional vomit.  Whilst motherhood might not be the most glamorous stage of my life, it is for me, my greatest challenge and finest reward.  They are quite simply my pride and joy.  Angela Schwindt’s famous quote sums up my feeling about motherhood perfectly;

While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about.

I am also the proud owner of a hubby-deluxe (1976 model).  I’ll admit I tried to make a few minor alterations in the early years, but he remains largely in his original state – complete with his own hideous lack of dress-sense and Peter Garret-style dance moves.  Although these days he has a few dints and rust spots appearing, I wouldn’t change him for the world.  He is the love of my life and a wonderful father to our three children.

The Humphry family also includes our two border collie cross blue heelers, Barnie and Darls, our extremely talkative (and mildly irritating) cat Gandalf and the six goldfish who live in the pond outside (all of whom are called Bob!)


Paper Tree Designs Weekly Menu Planner

At Paper Tree Designs we understand that eating a healthful and nutrient dense diet takes careful preparation and planning.  Our My Family Weekly planner Whiteboard is a great way to organise and simplify your Weekly Menu Planning process and with its magnetic backing it is easy to keep this in daily view in the kitchen.  With six unlabelled columns this Weekly Menu Planner has room to label these to suit your requirements with reminders such as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Preparation, Soaking, Sprouting or Fermenting.  Click the image below for a larger example or visit for more information.

Paper Tree Designs Weekly Menu Planner

Being Organised Starts Within

Image Courtesy of She Knows

Guest Post by Dayana Saliba

It’s 6:30am and I can hear the alarm going off, my brain is slightly awake and telling me to open my eyes, it’s the first blink of the day and I softly wander into the kid’s room by 6:45am to turn their lights on. As I begin preparing myself for the day I can hear movement in their bedrooms, I go in and wake them up and slowly but surely…..Oh no! It’s 8am what happened? Kids are still looking for part of their homework, we have no idea if it’s week 1 or week 2 in their school timetable. We need to leave the house by 8:20am all of a sudden the idealistic relaxed morning turns into a mad rush.

Hi my name is Dayana, I am a mother of three, a wife, a casual worker, a business owner, a church member, a volunteer, a uni student, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a girl that likes to shop, oop’s I meant fun, a girl that likes to have fun! I’m a sanguine by nature, and to some that might mean that I am a scatter brain, I used to like to think of it as ‘I thrive under pressure’ which may be true but it does not really make for a very productive day or person.

Getting organised seemed like a drag, it almost felt like it was too structured and so UNfun. However, I knew it was definitely something I needed to do otherwise I was going to pay somewhere, like waking my kids up on a Saturday to go to school. Another clear sign was one day when I was baking (trying to get out of writing my uni essay), listening to my husband talking to me about cars, motor bikes and boats, whilst on my laptop answering emails and texting my friend back from a message she had sent me yesterday. Right at that point I realised whether it’s boring or not, I have to get organised. I wasn’t being useful or fully ‘there’ to anybody.

I am a big believer that things start within, so I went onto an investigation as to why I was being so unorganised and I got some personal complicated answers and some simple answers like, plan your days, plan meals, plan school pick-ups, plan dates with my husband, plan me time, plan friend time and defiantly plan family time! We only get our children for such a short amount of time, in our house we have a thing called ‘bed time out’ which means at any time one of the kids can request for a ‘bed time out’ and that means that for a whole half hour our kids get our undivided attention on our bed, where they can talk to us about their concerns, funny stories and recently the girls have just wanted me to straighten or curl their hair. Creating cute memories like this is so important to me.

Back to organisation, I came across Deb’s fabulous   Weekly Planner Fridge Magnet, I knew that this would be the start to something great in our house and it sure has been. We have had it in working order for a few months now, and we know exactly what week it is, we know who has sport on which day, we know who has art, where mum and dad are during the week, if we need to organise a babysitter. I also know what I need to buy at the shops so that I don’t end up with 3 jars of Vegemite. My kids are on a roster to fill the weekly planner in, often they love filling out the weekly planner and they also feel like they play an important part in contributing to the running of our family. I think I need to buy another planner to get a weekly menu going, which could be fun.

Other quick tips that I found along the way,

  • Buying in bulk (Costco is great)
  • Online shopping (cuts out unnecessary items)
  • Christco (we have loved Christco for about 5 years now, it sets you up for the Christmas season)
  • Freezing leftovers
  • I recently got a high school student that needed extra pocket money to help me out with housework
  • Write everything down my phone diary
  • Lists (feels great crossing things off)
  • Allowing time to be spiritually centred (so important to me)

Enjoy your lives, live simply, stay well, be excellent and have fun!

Lots of Love

Dayana xo

About Dayana Saliba
Dayana is mother to three adorable kids and wife to Mr Husband. She “loooves” fashion, and has her own business in design and personal styling (Designed by Dayana). She is passionate about seeing women thrive in every aspect of their lives, and this has seen Dayana returning to university to complete her studies in social science. Dayana says ‘My dream is that women would understand their value, and once they do, they will change their world and leave an impact on their community, their nation and the world’.

Such Treasures Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the 5 winners of the Such Treasures My Family Weekly Planner giveaway. Dorothy, Sue, Charissa, Bil and Sam you have all been contacted by email. 🙂 We cant wait to get your planners out to you and hear how you are using them. Thank you to everyone who entered. Please stay in touch via facebook and will be sure to let you know when our next giveaway is planned.



Such Treasures Weekly Planner Giveaway

Our beautiful friend Wardeh over at Such Treasures is hosting a My Family Weekly Planner giveaway today.  Wardeh and I bonded through our joint love for raw milk, sourdough cultures and eating locally produced, traditionally prepared, in season wholefoods. Wardeh runs GNOWFGLINS and has taught me so much about traditional food preparation. I hightly recommend a visit. Her sourdough course is the best on the market.

Welcome to all of Wardeh’s international readers. 🙂  We cant wait to hear your comments and suggestions for future family planners.

For full details on the giveaway please visit Wardeh’s blog above. Entries close Thursday 7th June 2012.


Weekly Planner 2012 – Magnetic Fridge Whiteboard Family Planner

Our launch is off to a great start with our Weekly Planner 2012 – Magnetic Fridge Whiteboard Family Planner being featured in the latest issue of Coast Kids Magazine. Watch this space for more upcoming features. To shop our Weekly Planner please visit

Launch of Paper Tree Designs Weekly Family Planner

Paper Tree DesignsWelcome to the launch of Paper Tree Designs Weekly Family Planners!

Paper Tree products have been designed with your busy family in mind. Quality environmentally responsible products to help you and your family stay organized with our family calendar. The My Family Weekly Planner is an original day planner product from Paper Tree Designs. This whiteboard magnetic daily planner is ideal for keeping up to date your weekly calendar activities, menu planning, or to communicate with the rest of the family what is happening for the week.

Paper Tree Designs Weekly Family Planner

The Paper Tree Designs Weekly Planner is a unique product in the marketplace, and is printed on a reusable, soft magnet white board. The whiteboard surface means the weekly calendar is easily cleaned each week, and the magnetic backing ensures this attaches easily to any magnetic fridge keeping the schedule in daily view. With its large A3 size, the planner is ideal for keeping up to date your weekly schedules, activities or programs, or to communicate with the rest of the family what is happening during the week.

Priced at only $24.99, the weekly planner has been designed to assist the busy family stay organised and keep a track of the many activities each week. The weekly calendar can be used as

  • a Daily Planner or Family Calendar
  • a Chore Chart,
  • a Reward Chart
  • a menu planner or a myriad of other uses.

The family organiser also has an area to track things to assist the busy family

  • A Shopping List
  • Things To Do List
  • Notes
  • Reminders

With room for Mum and Dad and up to four children, the planner will surely help you stay on track. For those that have more than 4 children a second planner can be hung horizontally or vertically on the fridge to make room for another 6 family members.

Click on our weblink below for more information on our family organiser and weekly calendar for 2012.

Watch this space as we will be bringing you some great articles on staying organised for 2012. A must for the organised mum.